The European Commission has published the Communication presenting the new approach of addressing potential risks associated with chemical mixtures. The Commission will identify priority mixtures, ensure that the different strands of EU legislation deliver consistent risk assessments for such priority mixtures and will contribute to filling in gaps in the scientific knowledge needed in their assessment.

The challenge is that the EU legislation targets specific groups of substances which include plant protection products, biocides, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, veterinary medicines. The Commission will ensure that priority mixtures are assessed in a co-ordinated and integrated manner within these sector-specific legislations.

The Commission plans to tackle as well some of the data and knowledge gaps to improve understanding of the mixtures to which people and the environment are exposed.

The ultimate aim is to develop by 2014 technical guidances codifying best practices for the assessment of priority chemical mixtures. By 2015, the Commission will draw up a report concluding on the progress achieved.

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The methodology of chemical cocktails will directly impact the way specific chemical substances are treated in downstream legislation. Early participation in the debates is a guarantee that your business concerns are well addressed. Click here to see how EPPA can be help to you in this ever-changing regulatory environment.