Registration is an obligation for producers and importers. Downstream users have the right to make their use known to the producer/importer.


Which institution is in charge of registration?

The European Chemicals Agency is in charge of registration.


What information should be submitted?

The registration dossier should include:

Technical dossier:

  • Physicochemical, toxicological, ecotoxicological properties of substances;
  • Intended uses, human and environmental exposure
  • Classification and labelling 
  • Proposed risk management measures, testing

Chemical safety report

  • if >10t/y: human health, environment, exposure hazard assessment, risk characterisation

Timeline for registration

The deadline for registration are the same for substances on their own, in preparations and in articles. They depend on:

  • the volume of the substance produced or imported per year.
  • the classifications of the substances: CMRs>1t/y and vPvBs R 50-53 >100t/y should be registered by 2010.
Volumes 1 t/year 10 t/year   100 t/year 1000 t/year CMRs>1t/y;vPvBs R 50-53 >100t/y 
June-Dec 2008 June-Dec 2008 June-Dec 2008 June-Dec 2008
Deadlines 11y 11y 6y 3y


However, to benefit from these extended deadlines, substances should be PRE-REGISTERED. The deadline for Pre-registration is very short: June –December 2008.

If you miss this deadline, you should submit immediately a registration dossier and cannot benefit from the 3 to 11 years grace periods.

Pre-registration dossier should be submitted to the Agency.